What is VOTP?
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  How does VOTP protect me?
  Why does it Cost?

 What is VOTP:  

Voice of the People (VOTP) is the newest Social Media site with a twist
Authors have total control over their information.
Have you ever posted something you wish you could delete? You will be able to in VOTP
You will be able to delete anything you wrote from day 1 until then end of time and it's removed from everyone and everywhere.
Have you ever wanted to share something with a few friends and have it go nowhere else?, Now you can.
Again, if you are the author you have all the control to share it with one person, two people, a group or the world - you set the controls.

We will NEVER sell your information, we will NEVER share your information, we will NEVER harvest your information.

Our only job is to keep your information SAFE, SECURE and in your CONTROL.

 Supported Environments:  

 Works best with: FireFox, WaterFox, Chrome, Opera, Safari. Microsoft Edge
  ( not supported within Internet Explorer 'IE' )

 Our Rules:  

  Our Main Rules are simple:
 1) No selling Drugs or Humans
 2) No facilitating crimes against humans, property or the like.
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 Other Social Media sites are dying - As They Limit your Thoughts, Suspending you for Thinking Out Loud
 Millions of BOTs not People are controling you and what you see, hear and read. This is not the case in VOTP.
 VOTP provides you what you have been denied - CONTROL OVER YOUR INFORMATION!
 Begin today by taking total control of your information and life

 How does VOTP protect me:  

 VOTP our Social Media site provides the author the ability to control your digital information.
 This system is not shared, it is control by a select group of talented people with the desire to allow you Free Speach.
 VOTP knows where your data is and keeps it locked down for you.
 Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest.
 We DON’T Allow Advertising!

 Other platforms sell your information to make Billions from you. We Don’t!
 Understand TODAY that Your most private information is out there and "YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER IT"!
 The sad part is you gave it to them and You cannot get it back, change it or delete it.

 We provide YOU the ability to specifically allow or not allow your posts to shared by others or not allow this,
 Once a post is released it cannot be altered in anyway.
 However, You as the author can delete any post at any time by clicking a button and it is gone from everyone and everywhere.

Begin today and take Total Control of Your Information and data Life!


 Why does It Cost:

 VOTP's Social Media site does not sell your data or allow advertising
 Your data is encrypted in transit and at rest.
 We protect your data, pictures, etc., are all protected 24x7x365.
 Think about it, you can delete your posting and their gone from everywhere, as if it never existed.
 For less than a cup of coffee you get all this and the knowledge
 that your information is controlled by You.
 You can pay monthly at $4.00 or annually at $24.00. Free for the first 30 days, cancel at any time.

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